Importers of the Finest Avocados from Mexico


Avocados grown in Mexico bloom four times per year, from July til May. The blooms are called flor loca (“crazy flower", named as its time of bloom is variable, and maturity harder to ascertain), aventajada (in advance of the regular season), temporada (main season) and marcena (March bloom). It takes about a year for an avocado to grow to maturity from it’s bloom.

Over 85,000 HA are grown in Michoacan, by 10,000 growers, at elevations of 1500 to 2900 meters. Each year more orchards (10% of the total, approximately) are certified for export to the United States.

Dry matter, which is an indication of oil content, is checked carefully, especially at the beginning of the season (flor loca). The most exact method for determining dry matter is to take slices of equal size from the fruit, and cook in a microwave for 4 minutes. Then the slices are cooked again to be sure all water is removed. The weights before and after are compared – the cooked weight is the remaining dry matter. Avocados are not allowed to be harvested at less than 23%. During the main season (temporada) the dry matter will range from 26 to 30. Since the range of elevation in Michoacan is 1400 meters, there are always fruits with an oil level suitable for the USA market.