Importers of the Finest Avocados from Mexico

Ten days ago 48 count avos were selling for $28.00. Today (2/17), the price is $48-$52.00 and still rising. Many, many customers will have to forego their favorite fruit, while others may pay as much as 3.00 a piece. It seems that for several months of the year, avocados will be a luxury item.

The estimated weekly volume of truckloads from March to June will be 600 loads or less, which is far less than the 40 million lb weekly demand. In addition, California’s harvest is estimated to be half of last season. Avocados are an alternate year bearing crop, so hopefully the next year will offer good volumes throughout the season.

We are fortunate to be buying from 11 packers in Michoacan to ensure a constant supply. We offer competitive prices, good quality and great customer service.

Our customers are our partners and our foundation. Please visit our site: for more info.

Thank you.

Healthy Avocado Inc.