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The Produce News article: Healthy Avocado strives to inform

Healthy Avocado, a Berkeley, CA-importer of Mexican avocados, has a robust website ( chock full of up-to-date information to help the U.S. avocado supply chain better market the crop.

Paul Weisman, founder and president of the firm, said accurate information is hard to come by with regard to shipments from Mexico. A look at the data on the company’s website confirms that shipments seem to fluctuate widely. A graph of shipments during 2016 shows many different peaks and valleys, which Weisman said had a very close correlation to pricing last year. For example, the chart shows that shipments dipped to close to a year-round low in October and rebounded almost to a year-round high the following week. Pricing followed suit.

“It’s our goal to educate buyers with regard to shipments and the marketing situation,” he said, noting that the data is a day old but it is updated every day. “You can see the numbers and see overall trends.”


Mexico Avocado Crossings Drop, Prices Soar.

Ten days ago 48 count avos were selling for $28.00. Today (2/17), the price is $48-$52.00 and still rising.


The Intro of Avocados to the US

A history of marketing of the avocado to the USA market: How the “alligator pear” went from obscure delicacy to America’s favorite fruit Twenty-five years ago, talk-show host Gordon Elliott was working as a reporter for a local morning TV show called Good Day New York.


Mexican Avocado Growers Strike

It appears that harvesting will resume by next Monday Oct 17. For the last two weeks growers have stopped any avocado trucks moving from the field to packing houses, and offices of Sanidad de Vegetal,…


How Much More can the Supply Grow to Meet Demand?

Americans’ love for avocados and rising prices for the highly exportable fruit are fueling the deforestation of central Mexico’s pine forests as farmers rapidly expand their orchards to feed demand. Avocado trees flourish at about the same altitude and climate as the pine and fir forests in the mountains of Michoacan, the state that produces most of Mexico’s avocados.


Here’s a way to Increase Consumption

Has avocado toast been replaced by avocado buns?

The photogenic green fruit may be an Instagram darling, but its latest role is proving controversial. When Amsterdam food stylist Colette Dike shared an unusual use for the avocado on her account, @fooddeco, she sent the Internet into a frenzy, polarizing fans of the ingredient.