In 2002 Healthy Avocado started importing Mexican Hass avocados into the United States. Over 20 years we have bought avocados from more than 25 packing houses, and we maintain friendly relations with each and every aguacatero with whom we have had the pleasure to deal. Our business can only be as good as the relationships we make, and we always make our best effort to connect.

The avocado business is volatile. The information we gain from our customers and our growers and packers in Mexico helps us balance the complex factors that determine the market price. We strive to provide accurate and balanced market price predictions.

Our close cooperation with suppliers is a bond that gives us room to convey our customer’s needs – we strive to listen well, to gain the deep understanding that we convey to our customers. We currently supply organic and conventional avocados in all product presentations. Whatever your requirements we have the connections with the packing houses to be able to deliver. We value our customers because we know that their success goes hand in hand with ours. Here at Healthy customer service is a priority.


Our friendly sales team has over 75 years of experience in the avocado business. Call us - we’d love to have a conversation about our favorite fruit.

Our brand ambassador is Don Jose pictured on the bag below. He is named after the famous real life Aguacatero. Watch out for him on our products and follow his latest comments on our LinkedIn page.


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