Importers of the Finest Avocados from Mexico


Established in 1993, we established ourselves in the produce industry by exporting wild mushrooms, cherries, kabocha, apples and citrus to Japan and Taiwan. When Michoacan avocado producers were granted access to the USA market, we teamed up with the first packing houses as the market opened in Chicago, then Texas, and finally California in 2005.

From our start until the present day, our Mission has been to:

  • KNOW the supply side very well, from cultivation to harvest, packing, shipping and warehousing.
  • COMMUNICATE what we learn with our customers, to form mutually beneficial and long lasting relationships.
  • STUDY market information, to best predict market price movement.
  • DEAL WITH INTEGRITY, giving our suppliers and customers what they fairly deserve.

At Healthy Avocado we are committed to providing the best quality and the most accurate market information to our customers and suppliers.

Healthy Avocado has grown with the Michoacan avocado industry. From 2004 to 2014 the total volume of Mexican avocados imported into the USA has grown from 76 million to 1.3 billion pounds! Avocado consumption is growing at a very robust rate. The 2017 season volume of flor loca has been huge, and the volume of shipments October has been at superbowl levels - 1000+ load a week!

We maintain excellent relations with growers/packer families in Michoacán.

Michoacan families who have significant avocado acreage have built state of the art packing houses. We work together with our friends to bring the very best avocados to the United States. Our packing facilities put extra pride into their product – our motto is “packed with Love”

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