Avocado Intelligence

1. Avis Actual & Estimated Volume

This show both actual and projected volumes for the key growing countries. Weekly consumption is 40 million pounds at very high prices and up to 55 million pounds at promotable prices.

2. Mexico Avocado Harvest Program

This table shows the cuts (cortes) authorized in Michoacan and Jalisco orchards (huertas), for the current day. The inventory figure covers only Mexican fruit. When that figure nears 25,000 mt, we find that the market is undersupplied, until the price has skyrocketed. In 2022, the price fell from higher than 80.00 in the Spring to 23.50 at the end of September. A price change of 25% in 7 days is nothing unusual in the avocado business.

3. AVIS - Avocado Market Volume

Information from the Hass Avocado Board, which complies info of shipments to the USA from all supplying countries.

4. US Inventory by Size

Inventory by size, reported by California growers. The number includes fruit from all sources, and is indicative as the Cal growers account for 60% of the total market.

5. USDA Prices FOB Texas Crossing

USDA prices from importers at border.

6. AMS - Stores promoting Avocados

Number of stores featuring avocados.

Total volume in truckloads, the same info as table 1 in graph form. If one were to look further backwards, dramatic spikes up and down would be seen. If growers refuse to cut, it pays to be buying on the right side of that event.

Price according to supply from all sources.